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The Josnell Tarot Cards: A look at their history and meaning

Tarot cards have captivated humanity for centuries, revealing mysteries and guiding those seeking answers in their lives. One of the most popular and appreciated decks is the Josnell Tarot deck, which stands out for its rich history and deep symbolism. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of the Josnell tarot cards, discover their purpose, and learn about the meaning of each of their cards.

History of Josnell Tarot Cards

The Josnell Tarot cards were created by the talented Spanish artist Mara-José, known as Josnell. Her passion for esotericism and her ability to capture beauty in each of her works led her to design this unique tarot deck. Josnell was inspired by the classic traditions and symbolism of tarot, but also added her own style and artistic vision to each card.

Since their creation in the 1980s, Josnell Tarot cards have earned a special place in the hearts of tarot lovers around the world. Its colorful and detailed aesthetic, combined with its deep meaning, has attracted people from various cultures and spiritual traditions.

Purpose and Spread of Josnell Tarot Cards

Josnell Tarot cards are used as a tool for introspection, clarity and guidance in different aspects of life. When performing a Josnell Tarot card reading, you seek to obtain information and wisdom about present, past or future situations.

This deck of Josneel Tarot cards or Fairy Tarot, consists of 22 decks that have very similar meanings between the Spanish deck of cards, so we will mention the similarity that both card games have:

Each Josnell Tarot card reading can vary depending on the question or purpose of the consultant. Some of the most common spreads include the Three Card Spread, which provides an overview of the current situation, the Cross Spread, which analyzes different aspects of life, and the Star Spread, which focuses on personal growth and spiritual.

Meaning of Josnell Tarot Cards

Now, let's take a closer look at some of the most representative and powerful cards from the Josnell Tarot Cards:

Malekin Fairy- The Fool
This card brings as predictions the love and innocence of the consulting person. It also talks about blindly surrendering to the purest desires that love possesses.
Fairy Giane- The Magician
The magician brings positive predictions and it means that you are introspecting your feelings and how to carry them out in the reality in which you live.
The White Lady - The Priestess
When this card appears in your spread it means that there is a world of new opportunities available to you in the present or near future.
Fairy Tatiana- The Empress
This woman talks about the relationship between loving oneself and loving others. It is well known that if you water a plant too much it wilts, but if you add the necessary amount of water the plant never wilts... That's what happens with love.
The Dagda King- The Emperor
It refers to the domain of thoughts and actions within the relationship. A certain imbalance may arise that presents selfishness. This card talks about gaining insight into our relationship and observing if we are being really fair to our partner.
The Druid- High Priest
You must acquire a new learning in your life. In this case, it is time for you to internalize your relationship if you have one or look for new tools to find love.
The Fairies GwrageddAnnw – The Lovers
This letter harbors a caution. Although you may be experiencing a situation that seems to dazzle you, you should wait for more time to pass and for this person to be able to show you what it really is.
The Fairy Nagumwasuck- The Car 
Here we talk about alerts. The car card explains that you are moving forward in a love situation that is not entirely favorable for you. You have to make it clear that what you want is not always what you need.
The Fairy Vila- Justice
What this card is telling you is that you should evaluate your past relationships and see what pattern is repeating itself in your present.
The Fairy LeananShide- The Hermit
When this card appears in your play it calls for reflection deep in your heart.

Las moiras- Wheel of fortune 
The way you are facing a love situation is what this card describes. So if it appears in your card reading it will tell you how you are acting and if it has been beneficial for you.

Aguane Fairy- The Force
The card of the Aguane or Strength Fairy refers to the fact that you must connect with your inner love. In order for you to attract the love that you long for so much into your life, you must connect with your true intentions.
The Calypso Nymph - The Hanged Fairy 
In some cases, for a love to last, it is necessary to sacrifice something and this is what the nymph card explains. If you are in a relationship and this card appears in your spread, it means that you will have to take the reins and sacrifice something to stay together.
Banshee Fairy- Death 
The acceptance letter. The meaning is very clear, it means that you accept the destiny of your relationship or your singleness. It is important in some cases to stop swimming against the current and take the time to start again.
Temperary Fairy – Temperance 
Temperance is a card of decision and firmness. Haven't found exactly what you're looking for? Take the time to meditate and think about what you really want in your life at the relationship level. What characteristics should the man or woman of your dreams have? think about it.
The green lady- The devil
Normally this card always brings bad omens. If you are in a relationship, you may experience experiences that are unpleasant to you.
The xana or star fairy
When this card appears in your tarot it means that peace and calm abound in your life. Your relationship will remain as stable as it is now in the future.
Fairy Morgana or the moon
Better known as the intuition card. Are you currently listening to your instincts? This play gives you a warning that you should listen to yourself much more at this time.
The Anjana Fairy or the Sun
When this card appears, it only brings happiness and abundance to your life, if you are in a relationship. If you are single, great union news is coming.
Fairy of judgment
The judgment letter has the changes as its interpretation. It is time to make a different move that will allow you to have new learning in the relational area. Ask the tarot reader exactly what it is about.
Fairy Tirnanog- The world
Best described as happiness and achieving success. When this card appears in your deck it means that your relationship is extremely healthy or else in your near future you will meet a person with whom you can maintain a healthy and reliable loving relationship.

In conclusion, Josnell Tarot Cards are a beautiful tool for exploring our spirituality and seeking guidance in our daily lives. Their rich history and deep symbolism make them a popular choice for tarot lovers around the world. Whether you're looking for answers, inspiration, or personal growth, Josnell Tarot Cards are ready to offer you their wisdom and beauty in every reading.

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