Tarot del Amor

Love Tarot

History and Cards of the Love Tarot Deck

The description of the letters that we will mention below are only a generalized interpretation of their content. Once you contact a tarot reader specialized in the love tarot, this will give meaning through your personality characteristics and situations that occur in your present and near future.

What are the decks that show results in love?

The Spanish deck, which is the most used by tarot specialists, has specific cards that make predictions about love. These are the following:

III The Empress

This card has a prediction that has one meaning for love and another for wealth. If this woman appears in your love reading, it is very possible that you will soon be able to marry or find the partner you have been waiting for so long.

VI The lovers

If the card for lovers appears positively in your deck of cards, it means that harmony abounds between the energy of love in your life, a possible future marriage, or love will appear in your immediate present.

Now if it appears in reverse or in the negative, it means that you have current or future difficulties in relating as a couple. If you are married, it could mean the breakdown of the marriage, fights, some infidelities and disturbances.

VIII Justice

Justice and equity predominate in this letter. So it is a deck that is related to love and relationships that are agreed upon by society with ethics and responsibility and one of these is marriage.

If this card appears to you in the negative, it is very likely that it means that the person you have married is not completely loyal to this commitment.

XIV Temperance

The temperance card speaks of balance and the fusion of elements that seem unequal. For example, the union between two people with very different personality characteristics who manage to fit together.

If this card appears in your love reading as negative, it means that there are problems in that union even though love predominates, it is time to find balance.

XV The devil

When the devil card appears in your love reading it is because there is no temperance in your life. Your life drives are directed towards situations and events that are only satisfying needs for the body such as: Debauchery, drinking, lack of control.

XIX The sun

The sun card is related to happiness that is called material: the consummation of marriage for example. This card has only one positive prediction and that is that when it appears it means that things in the love sphere are moving towards a formal commitment.

XXIII Knight King of Wands

When this major arcana appears in your love reading it means that the person you will fall in love with will have a good financial position and will consolidate a stable marriage lovingly and economically.

If it appears in the negative you have to be much more cautious because it is a man who will approach your life proving to be something he is not. Over time you will realize that he is a man with a good economic position but despotic, selfish and disloyal.

XXVII 10 of Wands

This card originally in positive talks about problems that may be happening in the love area but that will have a solution soon.

If it appears in a negative reading, it speaks of continuous annoyances, betrayals and possible separations.

XXXII 5 of Wands

If you are in a relationship, you may be going through conflicts or you may disagree on many decisions in the future.

If it appears in a negative love roll things can end much worse, if tension takes over the relationship it could end in violence.

XXXIII 4 of Wands

The opposite of the five of wands is that understanding, harmony and a love that could be called functional occur in this card.

XXXIX Prince of Cups

If you are a woman and this appears in your spread, it means that a sensual man will appear in your life who can determine intentions in the short or medium term. What is a fact is that this charming personality will end up catching you.

XL Princess of Cups

This letter speaks of youth. It could be a person a little younger than you who has intellectual characteristics and is deeply charming.

If it appears in negative it means that this person does not represent anything in your life, that is, they do not contribute anything negative but not anything positive either. It's up to you to decide what to do with this interaction.

LI Knight King of Swords

This card represents a powerful man who is of great help to your life in a loving, intellectual and, let's say, monetary way.

In the negative it could represent a person who is negative for the energy of your life and in some cases even deceptive.

LII Queen of Swords

For the male circulation, this woman can represent a woman with good intuition and insightful in her decisions. In the spread it is analyzed that she may be a single woman without children or life.

If it appears the other way around, you would be in the hands of an extremely cunning woman who likes to play with the feelings of the men with whom she interacts.

LIV Princess Page of Swords

This woman who appears in the spread for men means that the appearance of a woman with quite agile mental characteristics is close.

As long as it appears in positive, if it appears in negative it means that these skills will be used not in your favor but against you, such as: invading your privacy, making decisions for you.

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