Tarot del Dinero

Money Tarot

The Cards of the Money Deck

The description of the money cards that you will read below are only the individualized interpretation of each deck. When you contact a specialized tarot reader This will tell you a broader interpretation depending on your personality characteristics and the events that have occurred in your present and near future.

 What are the decks that give results in the money?

Usually the cards used for tarot reading are the Spanish ones. So we detail each one of their interpretations regarding money:

III The Empress

When this woman appears in the deck of predictions regarding money, it means that there is abundance in your way to obtain it, or that it will not be a problem for you to obtain it in the future.

If it appears inverted it will mean that you have some monetary problems and that you have some type of blockage or person in your path that limits you from getting closer to your monetary goals.

VIII Justice

 This letter talks about the ethics and morals that apply to legal processes belonging to justice. When this card comes out positive or in a neutral roll it means that it is very possible that you will find yourself signing very important documents in the work area or in relation to money.

But if this letter appears negative, it means that these procedures are having some difficulties such as: legal and lawyer problems, imbalance, false trials, among others.

X Wheel of fortune

 This card has positive predictions about money if it appears from the front. When the wheel of fortune appears in your life, there are airs of change, abundance in terms of money and immediate solutions.

If this card appears negative or inverted it explains the opposite, the person will go through moments of stagnation where everything related to money will be difficult for them throughout their life.

XI The strength

The card of strength shows a great balance between the impulses sent by the unconscious and love. If this card appears in your deck it means that your needs and desires are being satisfied.

But if it appears inverted, it means that this balance lacks application, or you are being very moved by your desires without applying rationality, or you are focused on only what you think you want but don't need.

XIV Temperance

 When the temperance card appears in your spread it means that something is preparing for you in this area: you will find the job of your dreams, you will be able to invest in the business you wanted, the money will multiply.

The temperance card means that even if you find yourself in situations that seem adverse, you will come out of it undefeated.

Now, if it appears inverse or negative it means that you are not as victorious as you thought and that you will have to take more energy than you expect to get to the place you want. This challenge is greatly influenced by your character and the attitude with which you are handling the situation presented.

XVI The tower

The tower is a card that does not have many positive omens regarding money. It refers to the fact that by the work of God, everything you had planned falls apart without any apparent meaning or explanation... An example of these situations could be bankruptcy.

XXI The world

This card is usually so positive that when it appears in your predictions it means that your financial affairs will go so well that you will be able to take trips for pleasure or business within your own continent or outside it.

If the card appears inverted, it means that you will have to work much harder to change your financial status and eliminate the obstacles that prevent you from getting to where you want to be.

XXIII Knight King of Wands

If you are a woman and this card appears in your deck, it means that the fortune of your life will appear through the male figure. A man with purchasing power will come into your life and change the course of things.

It could also be a matter of inheritance or a good marriage.

XXX 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands card appears in people who are in the process of signing a contract for a job or a particular business. When this card appears positive it means that the person will be able to emerge victorious from all the procedures they carry out.

If it appears negative, you may have some obstacles in this paperwork, it will be a matter of asking the tarot reader how this process will end.

XXXVI Ace of Wands

This card is a positive prediction because it talks about creation. So if this card appears in your play it means that it is the right time to carry out a venture or investment of money. If it does not happen in the present in the near future it will be a viable option.

Now, if it appears in a negative roll it means that it is time to take the decisions to be made more calmly, carefully evaluate the situation in which you are immersed.

XL 9 of cups

Economic well-being will be resolved in your life. Your financial and money desires will be fulfilled.

But, if this card appears negative or inverse it means that you will have to do a lot of work to find what you long for.

LV 10 of swords

This card announces negative news and is the ruin of businesses that had been making profits for some time. If the reverse appears, it means that there may be an improvement that may be temporary.

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