What is tetragrammaton?

The tetragrammaton is a talisman or amulet that It protects everyone who wears it , revealing what is hidden and connecting with all sources of knowledge.

He who uses it will have a total protection . Protects from evils coming from demons, It grants spiritual mastery over natural energies , shows us the path to inner wisdom, in addition to having the power to invoke angels.


According to the RAE, the term Tetragrammaton means “ four-letter word ” and refers to the Hebrew name of God. (הוהי) . These four letters with which the name of God was written in ancient Hebrew are: Yod, Hei, Vav, Hei .

  • Yod : is the seed of life. It is the fundamental unit by which the other letters are created. It represents the masculine and is associated with the fire element.
  • Hei : It is a feminine letter that has received the creative energy of the Yod. It symbolizes the mystery and understanding of the universe. It is associated with the water element.
  • Second Hei : When repeated, this refers to the manifestation of the form, the reincarnation of the word in flesh, the very manifestation of humanity in the physical body, representing the element of earth.
  • Vav : this letter is the result of the previous union. It represents the cause-effect relationship, the active and the passive. It is represented by the air element.

Properties of tetragrammaton

He tetragrammaton It is made up of different symbols that provide properties to this amulet:

  • The Pentagram : star with five points that allows us to dominate the elemental energies of nature, creating great protection that makes dark forces flee. It attracts the blessing of different forces of light in the universe, as well as its ruling Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Samael.
  • Jupiter Symbol : It is the representation of the protective energy of our creator. In this way it provides personal power, protection and material abundance.
  • The Eyes of Horus : They represent the Sun and the Moon in perfect balance. They are the eyes that watch us from above so that nothing can happen to us.
  • The signs of Mars : They provide strength and protection against any aspect that may threaten us.
  • Signs of Mercury and Venus : They are the representation of the perfect feminine and masculine energy.
  • The caduceus of Mercury : It is the rise of our kundalini energy through our 7 chakras, to be able to open and dominate them.
  • The names of Adam and Eve : The first two people God created. They are the pillars on which humanity and origin rest.
  • The Holy Chalice : It is the representation of life, providing healing and wisdom.
  • Center of the Patriarchs or Moses Staff : grants magical powers and balance between the different types of energy in our chakras to be able to direct the energy towards success in everything we set our minds to.
  • “1,2-1,2,3” : These are the divine energies of the Father and Mother that create the Son. They are a source of prosperity and creative power.
  • The Seal of Solomon : It is the union of the elements of Earth and Air. It provides great protection as well as success to its wearer.
  • The Flaming Sword : It is the Sword that belongs to Archangel Michael, cutting off all evil energy or forces.
  • Saturn Symbol : It is the representation of karma and time. It provides transmutation, evolving situations from chaos to order.
  • Alpha and Omega : They bring us transmutation, mercy, healing or forgiveness.

What is a tetragrammaton for?

After seeing the properties of the tetragrammaton, in addition to the properties of all the symbols that are present, we can say that a tetragrammaton serves to:

  • Protect us against any type of evil , whether it comes from curses, evil eyes, spells, etc.
  • Master the perfect balance over natural energies (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), allowing us to be owners of our lives.
  • Has the power to invoke celestial hierarchies for our requests. Angels, archangels, cherubs or seraphim .
  • It shows us the path to inner wisdom to understand each other, in addition to providing power and spiritual evolution.

It is dangerous?

There is a current that assures that tetragrammaton is very dangerous. In order to know why this hypothesis exists, we must put into context that this amulet comes from Hebrew culture, being of great relevance in the Jewish religion.

We must keep in mind that the Jewish people have been persecuted from any culture. For example, the liberation of Moses, the genocide of the Holocaust at the beginning of the 20th century. XX, passing through the expulsion of all of them from Spain in 1492.

Also during the beginning of the s. In the 20th century, occultism and its representations had a great growth in continental Europe, bringing to the fore the use of many amulets and symbols.

Also during this historical period, a great anti-Semitic feeling begins to be created, the best way to distort and humiliate this people is to create black legends and make people think that the Tetragrammaton is highly dangerous due to its double status as a Jewish symbol, in addition to occultist

But we must know that No amulet or symbol is dangerous because of itself or its natural powers , but because of the use that each person produces in it . So we should not worry about its dangers.

Sleep with tetragrammaton

We must clarify that There is no problem with sleeping with the Tetragrammaton on , although it may be a little uncomfortable. But there is no danger in sleeping with him.

Even so, we recommend not removing it except when showering, and especially if we are going through a negative or dangerous period.

How should we charge a tetragrammaton?

To be able to charge and clean a tetragrammaton, and thus be able to notice how its energy increases and is much greater.

In order to load it we will need:

  • 1 wide glass glass
  • Coarse Sea Salt
  • Seawater

So that it can charge all its power we must do this ritual during the night of the full moon. We must fill the glass with sea salt, up to a little more than half. We will put our Tetragrammaton, and then we will put more salt on top, until it is completely covered.

Then we must fill the mineral water until the salt is covered. Then we will place the glass in a place where it can receive the direct rays of the moon, so that it can be cleaned and charged with energy.

Before the sun's rays come out, we must remove the glass and carefully take out our Tetragrammaton. Then we dry it with a white cotton cloth and it would be clean and charged so that it can continue protecting us.

Prayer to the power of the tetragrammaton

In order to consecrate the Tetragrammaton, we can use these two prayers. In this way everything His power will increase much more .

First sentence:

“O Adonaï, IEVE, Tsebaoth; Oh Supreme Father, creator of heaven and earth, of the four elements and of the spirits, I conjure you, by the powers and virtues, so that you sanctify this Tetragrammaton that has been prepared in your honor, I exorcise you Tetragrammaton by the Truth, the Life, the Eternity, by the Creation arising from Nothing, in order that nothing remains in my possession, but Purity and Virtue.”

Second sentence:

“I carry you for the old gods, for the Goddess and the God

By the virtues of the sun, the moon and the stars, by the powers of air, fire, water and earth.

May I obtain what I desire through you.

Ancient gods, charge this pentacle with your powers of protection, so that it keeps evil away from me and the bad energies return to their origins.”

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