Significado de las 108 cuentas del japa mala

Meaning of the 108 japa mala beads

In this post we want to explain the meaning of the 108 mala beads , since it is the key to understanding how it works.

What do the 108 beads of a bad Tibetan japa mean?

The number 108 has great meaning in science, and especially in Indian spirituality. It is considered a sacred number with great spiritual energy.

These are some of the reasons why the number 108 is so important and present in our lives:

  • The diameter of the Sun is 108 times that of the Earth.
  • There are 108 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet.
  • There are 108 marma points in the body (the energy points in Yoga and Ayurveda).
  • There are 108 sacred texts of the Upanishads, in yogi culture.
  • In Hindu mythology each God or Goddess has 108 different names.
  • We have 108 energy lines throughout the body and these converge at the heart chakra.

The number 108 is also a combination of the energies of each number separately. He Number 1 brings us good luck , as well as happiness, success, intuition or insight.

On the other hand, the 0 is the equivalent of God's strength and universal energies, promoting us to listen to our inner self and our intuition, in order to find the answers to all our questions.

And finally, the number 8 is related in a very powerful way to infinity . In turn, it is also related to power, positive abundance, peace and personal power.

For all these aspects, the 108 beads of a Tibetan rosary have meaning for our inner self. The great power of the number 108 is what makes it so important that there are 108 beads in every Tibetan rosary.

Why should we repeat a mantra 108 times?

The Mantras are words that refer to different sounds or vibrations that are linked to psychological or spiritual powers . A mantra is considered a spirit protection tool . From the prayers, these sound vibrations are emitted in order to have an impact on aspects such as calming the mind, meditating correctly or being able to achieve tranquility to be able to make many better decisions.

In different eastern cultures the number 108 is defined as the concept of the “totality of existence” . That is why repeating a mantra 108 times is so important, since it helps us and allows us to align and balance ourselves with the energies of the Universe.

That is why a Tibetan rosary has 108 beads, as it helps us practice our prayers correctly.

How to use a Tibetan japa mala

Once we have explained what the 108 beads of the Tibetan japa mala mean, we are going to give you a short explanation about the aspects to take into account when treating a religious element such as the japa mala.

It is very important that do not touch the ground , nor do we put it in front of our feet. Furthermore, if possible, we should Wrap it in a white cloth .

a mala is personal so we should only touch it , since it has our energy. Furthermore, so that it is always charged, from time to time we must leave it under the sun, so that it absorbs its energies.

You cannot use the index finger or the left hand , but rather the middle finger, ring finger and little finger of the right hand. That's because the index finger represents fire, being too intense for prayers.

Where to buy a Tibetan japa mala in Spain

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