Shungita Propiedades y Contraindicaciones

Shungite Properties and Contraindications

The Shungite It has become a very popular stone in recent decades. In fact, more and more people are encouraged to help themselves and take advantage of its formidable properties. It is believed to be a stone that was formed millions of years ago as a result of the collision of a meteorite with the earth.

It has always been characterized by being a stone with a vibrational and physical structure which makes it totally unique and special. The only currently known deposit of this stone is located in the Russian region of Karelia. Its name is due to the town of Shunga and it began to become very popular in the 16th century. It was when Tsar Peter I “The Great” began using it to improve his health problems.

What is shungite?

Shungite is a dark anthracite mineral, a stone with a charcoal-like appearance . Shungite stone is mainly composed of organic carbon. In fact, more than 98% of its composition is organic carbon, and more specifically carbon 60. It is part of the minerals known as New Age minerals.

It is common for its surface to release some dust, especially during the first uses of this stone. To remove this dust, you can wash it with plenty of water. Its about the only mineral that contains fullerenes , a molecular form of carbon that was discovered in 1985. By many it is known as an intelligent stone thanks to its therapeutic and spiritual properties.

Shungite stone properties

According to several studies carried out, Shungite is capable of absorbing, as well as eliminating, everything that is harmful to the health of humans or any living being. It is especially used for absorb electromagnetic energy of the environment. It helps to effectively neutralize the electromagnetic fields generated by technological devices.

This mineral is capable of acting as a shield, preventing this type of energy from having a negative impact on your body. Likewise, it is worth noting that it is capable of strengthening and stabilizing the body's energy. Shungite stone allows discharge and cleanse the body of static electricity.

It is very useful to regenerate the body and calm numerous ailments. Its antibacterial properties are also especially notable. Note that shungite is capable of self-regeneration, that is, it does not need to be cleaned of negative energies, since it does so on its own. In short, it has the ability to purify, charge, protect, heal, as well as stabilize the body.

Magical properties of Shungite

Beyond its therapeutic properties, it is interesting to stop and talk about the magical properties of Shungite, properties that are truly interesting to gain well-being:

  • Manages to clean the aura of each person in depth
  • Transforms the energies of each person, helping to relax them
  • Promotes meditation as well as concentration
  • Allows you to enjoy greater calm and peace of mind
  • Effectively ends stressful and stuffy environments
  • It will improve people's lives in general terms
  • It is capable of acting on a physical, mental, as well as spiritual level.
  • Allows you to carry out energetic cleanings and purifications
  • You will be able to effectively balance the chakras
  • Protects you from external negative energies and influences
  • It is never charged with negative or harmful energies
  • It will solve numerous problems that negatively affect you
  • Ideal for additional protection at key moments
  • Allows you to progressively evolve spiritually
  • Eliminate all feelings of fear and despair
  • Unclogs blockages and parasitic energies
  • This stone provides a powerful connection with the Earth

Is Shungite dangerous?

The use of Shungite does not pose any danger to health nor does it generate side effects of any kind. That is to say, There are no contraindications for shungite . Basically it is a stone that can be used as a decorative element or as an accessory or body complement.

As it is a completely natural element, it is a safe mineral. It has a very beneficial effect on the body. The research carried out so far has not brought to light any kind of side effect or contraindication. What's more, many present it as a miraculous stone to heal and cure thanks to its positive effects.

Even so, as it is a stone that has a very strong energy charge, it is recommended Avoid its use in case of pregnancy , breastfeeding, heart problems and severe psychological disorders (bipolarity, severe depression, etc.). In the case of people who suffer from hypertension, it will be necessary to use it in moderation.

Shungite truth or lie

Shungite has proven over the centuries that it works, that It works on a therapeutic, spiritual and magical level . All the properties attributed to it are completely real and have been corroborated on multiple occasions. This stone, located between physics and magic, has managed to attract the attention of numerous scientists.

Its fabulous properties have not left anyone indifferent. More and more people feel insecurity and discomfort in their lives. Since they have used Shungite, they have left this difficult situation behind. Security and confidence are here to stay, while fears and insecurities fade away. Your results will not be long in coming.

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