Rituales de amarres de amor

Love spell rituals

If you feel that your relationship is falling apart and you can't find another solution to stay united, you may want to make love spells to be able to have the person you love with you.

In this article we will explain what a love spell means. Since at the end of this article we explain how to do it with different materials, what effect they create on the mooring and the different types that can be made.

What are love spells?

 Love spells are techniques used to align the energy of both people who find themselves in disagreement due to a situation or decrease in affection after so many daily fights.

The mooring has been used since ancient times with the purpose of being able to channel these energies and so that the two people do not end up separating. Depending on the elements used, they can be classified as white magic or black magic .

It is necessary to take into account some characteristics when making a love spell:

  • The love spell It does not magically create feelings of affection , it only helps both people who already have an affinity reach an agreement. Why is this happening? Because both people who once felt real affection, it doesn't end overnight or overnight.
  • Learn to Differentiate between affection and attachment . The second is more than just a whim to keep that person by your side no matter what. By making a love spell with white magic we are affirming that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

 Before starting this ritual of affection, it is important to ask yourself: Do I really want this person in my life or can I still be happy if they are not there? Take the time to decide, remember that this union is permanent.

Do love spells work?

It is necessary to mention that love spells do work, but if both parties love each other. Although tying a person to you guarantees that that person will remain by your side for longer, with fights and arguments it will take rejection and in some cases hatred.

Now, if you and your partner still love each other but do not fully understand each other at this point in the relationship, a mooring is a good option to maintain the union while the tide goes out.

What you should know is that if your partner finds out that you have made love spells in the relationship, problems may arise that you did not have planned, even more than those they already had previously.

If you know how to keep this situation discreet, it is very likely that in a couple of weeks your relationship will return to what it was before.

It is also necessary to know that for a mooring to work you must have faith that it will have the effect we want it to have.

3 reasons why you should use love spells

End constant arguments

Constant arguments and confrontations between couples over unimportant topics are a symptom of an imminent breakup. In order to avoid the end of the relationship, couples must be aware of these types of problems and confront them in order to work towards a long future together.

Thus, within the repertoire of practical solutions that you can adopt to preserve and improve the quality of the relationship, we find love spells. The esoteric professionals in charge of carrying out these love spells have a lot of experience working on this type of case, so they will not hesitate to devote all their time and knowledge to ensuring that the relationship between both members of the relationship is as strong as possible. like in its first days.

Solve physical or emotional distancing problems

There are cases in which couples are forced to stay apart for a variety of reasons. This distancing represents a very difficult obstacle that, in general, tends to bring the relationship to an end. The problems of distancing are so serious that, even in those cases in which the couple manages to live in the same place, there can be an emotional distance between them with consequences that could be even worse.

In both cases, the lack of passion is the origin of the problems that arise in the couple, especially in those relationships in which both members have managed to maintain a relationship for a long time and, for some reason, they feel increasingly distant romantically. each other.

These problems caused by the physical and/or emotional distancing of the couple see their solution in love spells. To make these spells work, however, the spell must be personalized in order to recover those feelings that encouraged the origin of this relationship.

Protect yourself from infidelities

Love spells bring solutions to relationship problems of all kinds. One of the most requested rituals, without a doubt, is the Voodoo Candomblé spell of 7 knots, a love spell of Brazilian origin that manages to spiritually protect couples against infidelities so that,
This way, you can enjoy a prosperous and long-lasting future together, without fear that a third party can ruin everything.

That is why the 7 knot Voodoo Candomblé is a spell that works especially well with those couples who are going through a difficult time in their relationship, by guaranteeing the eternal love of the couples. Again, the performance of this type of spell can only be exploited if
The person who performs them has the necessary skills and experience to do so, so you should search the Internet in search of experts from the esoteric world who are capable of carrying them out successfully.

How to make a mooring: Characteristics or steps to follow.

Adjust your altar

It is important to have a table with a white tablecloth to perform the ritual. This table should not be visible to others as it can arouse curiosity and other people's thoughts that could alter your mooring.

Once the entire process is finished you can use your table as usual.

Make your intentions clear

It's time to stop and think very carefully: What do I want to achieve with this mooring? and maintain this posture for the duration of the ritual. Since you can't wake up one day wanting something and the next day change your mind.

Although this is also a clear indication of whim and could also open your eyes to not having someone you really don't want tied to your side.

Learn the love spell ritual

If you are going to do it on your own, it is important that you learn step by step what you should do. Although if you want a more effective ritual, it is best to contact a tarot reader, santero or sorcerer specialized in the subject.

 You must take into account the following:

– The elements that you will use for the ritual.

– Focus attention and concentration on this ritual.

– Eliminate or discard implements that need to be disposed of.

– Give closure to the ritual and give thanks for it.

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