¿Qué es? y ¿Cómo rezar la novena?

What is it? and How to pray the novena?

As everyone knows, Jesus died crucified on the cross to pay for all our sins and was later resurrected. He ascended to heaven and after nine days he sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples.

Throughout these nine days, there was a group of people who met with Mary and the apostles. As the biblical stories tell, that was the first novena that was performed historically. But how to pray the novena ?

What is a ninth?

When we talk about a novena we talk about a set of prayers or devotional acts which are usually practiced for nine consecutive days. These prayers are dedicated to God, the Virgin Mary, the angels or a specific saint.

It should be kept in mind that novenas are not magic wands with which you can obtain everything you want, but it is true that praying the novena can provide you with numerous benefits. After all, It is still a way of praising God.

Likewise, it should be noted that the novena has an important meaning on a spiritual level. It is directly related to an act of devotion. According to the Bible, Mary encouraged the apostles to pray for nine days in a row in order to receive the visit of the Holy Spirit, demonstrating at all times the importance of faith .

What is the order of the ninth?

In order to pray the novena, a specific order must be followed, a series of fundamental steps that are worth knowing:

  • Prepare to pray the novena
  • Understand what it is and means
  • Know the different types of novenas
  • Determine what the request is to make
  • Choose a prayer or a series of them
  • Pray the novena for nine days
  • You can choose the short option of 9 hours
  • Make use of an oral prayer and direct it to whoever you want
  • Pray privately or with a group of friends
  • Commit to finishing the ninth

When does it start?

While it is true that a novena can be prayed at any time of the year, tradition says that a novena must be prayed before a great Christian holiday or the feast of a saint arrives. In both cases, the ninth must begin 8 days before the holiday , so that the last day of the novena must be the day of the holiday itself. But as was said, there is no need to wait to make a novena.

Types of Novenas

Let's see the different types of novenas that are prayed the most. Remember that in our store you can buy a wide variety of petition novenas to achieve the grace you need.

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