Propiedades esotéricas del romero y usos

Esoteric properties of rosemary and uses

He rosemary It is much more than a delicious and aromatic food supplement. Over the centuries, it has been proven that esoteric properties of rosemary They are really useful and interesting. Hence, it is a plant that has always surprised those who have opted for its use.

Rosemary is considered a clear symbol of fidelity , not only between lovers, but between friends. Hence, many brides carry it in their bouquet and many grooms carry it on the lapel of their jacket. This ancient plant is considered a sacred plant used for magical, therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

What are the esoteric properties of rosemary?

Rosemary stands out for having a Truly amazing esoteric properties . It is widely used in rituals of all kinds to fulfill those wishes or requests that are in mind. It can help you in numerous ways and in countless different aspects of your life.

  • Helps relieve feelings of irritability and headaches
  • It is capable of attracting good luck in love matters
  • Allows you to stimulate concentration and attention
  • It is capable of strengthening memory, especially in students
  • It will protect the people sleeping under your roof from harm
  • Prevent thieves or criminals from getting close to your home
  • Many witches and clairvoyants use it to make predictions.
  • Helps mediums free their minds and have much clearer ideas.
  • It has very special powers over people born under the sign Aries.
  • Manages to stimulate memories, in addition to promoting youth
  • Thanks to its fragrance, it is considered a great natural air freshener.

Uses of rosemary in esotericism

The powers that rosemary possesses have never gone unnoticed. It is one of the most used plants in the spiritual and esoteric world to end bad energies. It has great qualities to provide good fortune and abundance in your life. It offers great protection against everything bad that surrounds you.

Note that it is considered a plant ruled by the Sun, a plant with which fire is associated as an element. Mention that rosemary represents the masculine part. It can be used to clean and purify both people and places. Not only will it combat evil spirits, but It can also be used to perform exorcisms .

It is well known that when rosemary is burned, powerful and powerful waves are released that have a great cleansing effect. What's more, its fragrance is capable of generate extrasensory experiences . It is usually widely used to perform rituals in which good fortune and good luck are welcomed.

Rosemary to clean the house

Rosemary, especially if burned, is considered a powerful amulet. It has great qualities to clean and purify the home. Helps counteract negative energies and bad vibrations. Likewise, it is capable of combating spells, spells and curses that have been cast on you.

On the other hand, its aroma allows it to leave a truly refreshing fragrance in the environment. We must not forget to mention that we can ward off evil spirits. It is really useful for cleansing, regenerating and cleansing.

He rosemary and palo santo powder It can also become a great ally for cleaning.

Rosemary for love

All those people in need of love, all those people looking for love, should not overlook the great powers of rosemary. It will attract the person you love, the person you have loved for a long time. You will not suffer for love any longer.

It also has great qualities for sweetening things that bring you much closer to the person you love. Likewise, it will be responsible for keeping away all those people that you no longer want to have in your life. The honey and rosemary candle It can be very useful to have good luck in everything related to love.

Rosemary for money

Rosemary is a plant that It will help you multiply your money . It will make abundance and wealth knock at your door. You will not have to continue worrying about being in the red any longer, since this plant will ensure that you enjoy a life full of prosperity and financial well-being.

In fact, this plant was already widely used since ancient times to enjoy great abundance in their homes. He rosemary essential oil It is a great ally to attract positive situations into your life, and that includes attracting money and wealth. Money will come to you in the form of a job, a raise, a lottery win, or an unexpected inheritance.

Rosemary to unblock liver Qi

Unblocking liver Qi is essential to achieve let go of bad mood that floods your body, your mind and your soul. Rosemary is perfect for stimulating liver Qi. When you think that everything is going wrong, when you think that your life is going downhill, rosemary will allow you to get out of the quagmire. Facilitates liver function.

Thanks to the numerous properties that rosemary has, you will prevent the Qi from being weakened. Stress, tension, anger or frustration can cause Qi stagnation. He rosemary essential oil It is perfect to reactivate your mood, attract everything positive into your life and get rid of your bad streak.

Burn rosemary for luck

Burning rosemary is very common for attract good luck in different areas of life. It acts on love, health, money and work. Cleaning negative energies from your spaces, carrying out an exhaustive purification of your environments, guarantees that luck returns to you again.

Burn Rosemary incense as an incense will unlock the doors that had been closed to you. It will prevent negative forces from continuing to act to harm you and prevent good luck from reaching you. It will free you once and for all from the bad luck that has been following you for a long time.

Health benefits of rosemary

Rosemary has always been characterized by having very particular healing and healing vibrations . It stands out for being carminative, digestive and antispasmodic. It is also considered a fabulous diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiulcerogenic and antioxidant. But there is even more, since it has antibacterial, antiseptic, fungicidal and balsamic properties. Rosemary is a very beneficial plant for health and that is why it is widely used in Aromatherapy .

For menstruation

Rosemary is very useful to achieve relieve premenstrual and menstrual pain . Likewise, this aromatic plant is capable of reducing those common symptoms that accompany the female period, such as, for example, fluid retention or headaches. On the other hand, it helps regulate menstrual flow.

For the eyes

It is one of the most popular plants to maintain eye health. It can be used to treat countless disorders such as, for example, conjunctivitis or blepharitis . It is advisable to make infusions 1-2 times a day to be able to carry out eye washes that end the discomfort and act as a soothing agent.

For gray hair

Rosemary is not only capable of promoting hair growth due to the improvement in blood circulation it achieves on the scalp, its mission goes further. Its properties allow it to darken the color of gray hair if used continuously. It is a great way to say goodbye to gray hair without damaging your hair with chemicals. It is a magnificent natural dye . Use a few drops of rosemary oil in your regular shampoo every day or directly on the scalp.

For varicose veins

This plant has always been characterized as being very effective in improving blood circulation, preventing painful and unsightly varicose veins from forming in the legs. Rosemary offers great benefits to be able treat circulatory disorders . In addition, as if that were not enough, it helps relieve the symptoms of tired or heavy legs. It also allows you to reduce cellulite.

For circulation

Rosemary has always been considered a fabulous remedy to combat blood circulation problems. Not only It allows to calm inflammation , but has a great refreshing effect. By improving blood circulation, this means that blood reaches the entire body much better, including the feet and scalp. Promotes correct oxygenation of your extremities.

For the skin

He olive and rosemary nourishing soap It is ideal for taking care of drier skin, allowing it to be deeply nourished and hydrated. Likewise, it helps prevent and delay aging. Its photoprotective action will help you keep your skin much more protected from the sun's rays and free radicals. It has a repairing action against damaged tissues.

For the throat

Rosemary infusion can be of great help to combat acute or severe throat pain. It allows eradicate bacteria and disinfect the throat . Hence, it is considered a great remedy to use when suffering from a cough or any common cold. To all this we must mention that it clears the nasal passages.

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