Propiedades esotéricas del Laurel

Esoteric properties of Laurel

Laurel is not only a plant widely used in the gastronomic world, since the esoteric properties of laurel They don't go unnoticed either. This plant has been used since ancient times by both the Romans and the Greeks thanks to its formidable esoteric qualities.

Note that the laurel is considered a symbol of honor, glory and triumph . It is said that those who were crowned with laurel were able to emerge victorious from any competition, as it brought them strength and good luck. Within the esoteric world, laurel is considered a powerful protective herb that will combat all evil. Discover the esoteric and sacred dimension of the laurel!

What are the esoteric properties of laurel?

Laurel has truly surprising esoteric and magical properties. It is a truly powerful and potent plant, capable of revitalizing both physical health and the etheric plane. This sacred plant has some truly impressive effects on body, mind and soul when carrying out any ritual.

  • It has great power to purify environments
  • Drives away evil, as well as negative energies
  • It is capable of attracting fortune, wisdom and triumph
  • Grants great power to those who dedicate themselves to clairvoyance
  • There are many who use it in curses and exorcisms.
  • Offers great protection against hexes and the evil eye
  • It will combat bad influences, bad vibes and all kinds of damage
  • It is believed to be able to balance and stimulate the chakras
  • It will cleanse the aura of your home, ending all negativity
  • It has the ability to protect you from negative spirits
  • It is capable of inducing prophetic dreams and causing visions.
  • It will be of great help to make better decisions in life.

What is the purpose of burning bay leaves in esotericism?

Burning bay leaves in esotericism has many objectives. We must not forget that the laurel is a kind of amulet that will help you achieve the peace and well-being you long for in your life . He Laurel bundle It is usually burned in magical rituals since ancient times to take advantage of its great power. Furthermore, as if that were not enough, its aroma drives away negativity, attracts luck and money. Bay incense

To attract luck

Laurel is a great ally for ward off bad luck and attract good fortune to your life. It will help you put aside the bad streak that has been tormenting you for a long time. It serves to attract good luck in the most relevant areas of life, such as love, work, money or health.

Good luck will flood your life again. Fortune will not abandon you again . Not only you will enjoy good luck, but all the loved ones who live under your same roof. It will prevent negative energies and your enemies from continuing to affect your daily life, recovering the good streak.

To attract money

Laurel, especially bay leaf, has the power to attract money, abundance and prosperity to your life. It will end the bad economic streak that has been following you for a long time. It will be very useful to help you get money in different ways.

It will help you find a job. Likewise, it will help you prosper in your job and achieve the salary increase and promotion you long for. On the other hand, it will be in charge of helping you increase the sales of your products or services, ensuring that Your business income increases . All your financial needs will be covered.

Burn a bay leaf with your name

People in love usually rely on the power of the laurel to be able to carry out all kinds of things. requests related to love . Laurel is an element that provides great energy on all matters related to sentimental issues. The results it is able to achieve are usually quite successful.

Increases good energies within the couple. It will ensure that both members enjoy perfect harmony with each other. Obviously, each ritual must be done with all the affection and love, putting all your heart into it. will achieve conquer the loved one , as well as strengthen sentimental ties.

Burning a bay leaf with your name, the name of the loved one, will allow the energies to converge so that love ends up emerging. It will be very useful to fulfill all the wishes that concern you and your better half, including those wishes that may be impossible to achieve.

Burn bay leaves inside the house

Burning bay leaves inside your home offers countless benefits that you should know about. First of all, you need to make sure you burn the bay leaf in a place away from flammable materials. It is ideal to burn bay leaves after a bad day or a stressful day . Remember to relax and breathe deeply before burning your bay leaf bundle. Some of the most notable benefits are the following:

  • Drive away negativity
  • Reduces headaches
  • Reduces anxiety levels
  • Improves the health of the respiratory system
  • Manages to improve capacity at the brain level
  • Allows you to purify and disinfect, eliminating bacteria
  • Eliminate the possible discomfort you feel
  • It will improve your mood on a daily basis
  • Allows you to increase concentration

Burn bay leaves in business

Burning bay leaves is not only common in homes, but is also increasingly common in businesses. Its surprising properties will help your store or company achieve the goals you have always set for yourself. It will allow you to earn a lot of money and Don't continue worrying about crises or bad times . Among its benefits, the following can be highlighted:

  • Helps increase imagination and creativity
  • Will be able to increase concentration levels
  • It will allow productivity and performance to increase
  • It will attract money, abundance and prosperity
  • It will allow sales to increase significantly
  • It will prevent your competition from giving you bad vibes
  • It will provide the economic stability that you need so much.
  • It will cut off possible envy that could affect your business
  • You will achieve success in all the projects you start

With this protective and purifying herb you can keep all evil away from your life. It will encourage that there are only positive things in your life. It will ensure that you and your family enjoy maximum well-being. Laurel will become your best esoteric tool!

Also use it in soap

Laurel soap is a protector and purifier par excellence, and protects against evil and negative forces.

It protects you not only against bad vibes but also against all types of damage, from those bad influences of other people to curses that they cast on us.

Regarding its spiritual connection and wisdom, it balances and stimulates all the Chakras or energy centers, vitalizing the physical health and etheric plane of people.

Use bay leaf soap before starting a new cycle in our lives, such as starting a new job, relationship or business, it will make our beginning more accessible and bring us luck.

Among its protection qualities, it also protects against witchcraft and charms.

Laurel Soap

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