Plantas esotéricas

esoteric plants

The esoteric plants They are seen as spiritually symbolic, healing, as well as revitalizing living beings. In many cases, these types of magical plants act as perfect intermediaries with the divine world. They have the power to transform the energies of spaces.

The powers that plants possess go much further than the conventional uses that we all know. That is, they not only help us breathe, feed ourselves, heal ourselves or dress ourselves. Throughout history, human beings have discovered their esoteric, medicinal and healing powers.

Esoteric meaning of plants

Esoteric silvers have great power on a spiritual, magical, esoteric and medicinal level. Plants represent nature, life, purity and fertility, not only in humans, but also in animals. Plants have long been thought to protect against witchcraft.

Many magical plants allow esoteric lovers to speak with God. In fact, many plants can even be used in religious ceremonies. But not only do they allow a greater approach to God, but they also allow a closer relationship with one's own inner spiritual being and the Universe.

They offer excellent protection to both homes and temples. For many civilizations, plants are synonymous with resurrection, since many of them rise again from their own ashes or remains. Many esoteric plants are said to be symbols of wisdom and knowledge.

Since ancient times, plants have been used to scare away all kinds of spirits, demons and witches. For a long time they were used for divination of the future, since in this way it was known if whoever died was going to heaven, hell or purgatory.

Esoteric properties of plants

The plants used in esotericism are characterized by being formidable weapons for cleaning and purifying spaces. They clean negative and stagnant energies, as well as bad vibrations. They effectively end those places that are astrally contaminated, but there is much more. Other of its many esoteric properties are those mentioned below:

  • They help dominate the loved one
  • They allow you to ward off enmities and enemies
  • Businesses, jobs and commercial relationships improve
  • They manage to improve and maintain the state of health
  • They provide union and stability to the couple
  • Help you achieve professional and personal success
  • Misfortunes, misfortunes and dangers frighten
  • They reject spells and bad influences
  • They promote relationships with your partner, family and friends
  • They help get rid of everything bad
  • They will attend to all kinds of urgent requests
  • They will combat deception, lies, jealousy and envy
  • They will improve your general economic and financial situation
  • They will bring peace, harmony, tranquility and serenity
  • They will attract good luck to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Types of plants according to their function in esotericism

Plants have countless hidden secrets, and the secrets or functions may vary depending on the type of plant we are talking about. In China they have been using plants for more than 5,000 years thanks to their medicinal, healing and magical properties, so the herbal history of this culture, and many others, is truly extensive.

As is well known, plants (natural, dried or crushed) have always been part of esotericism and traditional magic. Its mere presence already has an important influence on human beings. Witches, druids, priestesses and shamans have always used natural plants to carry out their spells.

Protective esoteric plants

Feeling protected and safe is essential to leading a happy, calm and harmonious life. With the Rue Stick Not only will you gain protection, but you will also be able to perform cleanings. The Willow Grass It is indicated to protect the weakest people, those most unprotected and helpless.

The King Crown Grass It has properties that allow you to gain protection, but also peace and harmony. The Maria Luisa Herb It is perfect for combating all kinds of lies and deception. The Yemanya Herb It is a great ally to provide you with protection and help in the face of injustice.

Plants open paths

On many occasions and for different reasons, the paths of life can be closed. This means that you cannot move forward and achieve your goals in life. The Sesame Seeds Sesame They are indicated to eliminate all kinds of obstacles that prevent you from continuing with your life.

The Osain Herb It is perfect to achieve all those goals you have set for yourself. Likewise, the Rosehip Herb It is ideal to achieve those objectives that are more difficult. On the other hand, we find the Bloody Herb , perfect for removing all kinds of barriers and obstacles from your path.

Esoteric plants for love

Love is a basic pillar in the life of any person. Every human being deserves to be loved, they deserve to have love in their life to feel good, to feel loved. With the Hierba Amansa Guapo You will be able to dominate the person you love. He Cundeamor It is also very useful to ensure that the loved one reciprocates you.

On the other hand, the Pomegranate Herb It is a great ally to achieve the sentimental stability you need in your relationship. The Cinnamon herb powder It is perfect for attracting love, as well as good luck and fortune. As if that were not enough, the Eldergrass It is ideal to enhance sexual attraction between both.

Esoteric plants for money

Having a good financial situation is essential to be able to cover all the needs that may arise throughout life. He Copalchi It is presented as a formidable ally to achieve the economic prosperity you long for. The Fennel Herb It will be responsible for attracting money and fortune to your daily life.

Another great alternative is the Tila Herb in Flower , indicated to provide economic solidity. The St. Jude's Herb It is perfect for responding to urgent requests, including those of a financial nature. Likewise, it is interesting to talk about the Grama Grass , indicated to obtain material goods.

Esoteric plants for the home

Plants with esoteric properties offer numerous benefits to the home. You can choose to help yourself with the Coriander seeds , as they are ideal for cleaning negative energies. On the other hand, the King's Crown Grass It will be responsible for attracting protection, peace and harmony to your home and to everyone who lives in it.

With the Oak Grass You will be able to enjoy greater family harmony, avoiding disputes, disagreements and misunderstandings. The Sandalwood Herb It has the ability to perform energy cleansing, converting negative energies into positive energies. Likewise, with the Rue Stick You will achieve protection in your home, as well as excellent energy cleanliness.

Plants for luck

Having good luck in life is essential to be happy and move forward with your proposed goals. There are numerous herbs that will help you regain good luck and leave bad luck behind. The Herb Brusco Malanga It will help you increase good fortune, as well as love.

On the other hand, it is worth talking about the Clover Grass , a true attractant of good luck in all aspects of life. Another of the most recommended plants is Palo Paraíso , indicated for cleaning and attracting good luck. For its part, the Cinnamon herb powder attracts luck, fortune and love.

Plants for health

Health is a basic pillar for human well-being. There are many esoteric plants whose powers and properties are capable of helping to maintain and recover health. A clear example of this is the Blackberry Herb , indicated to strengthen health.

Nor can we forget the Cinnamon stick , perfect for enjoying health and inner well-being. Likewise, it is interesting to talk about the Comfrey Herb , a powerful weapon that helps combat depression and discouragement. The Bell Grass Enulda It allows you to regain mental balance and strength.

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