¿Cuándo poner una vela de ruda?

When to put a rue candle?

When to put a rue candle?

The rue candle It is presented as a totally artisanal and natural remedy. It is made from rue leaves, as well as essential oils. Its energetic properties make this candle a great ally for esoteric purposes. It gives off a truly characteristic aroma that will envelop your environments.

In the past, rue was considered a protective plant, a plant that kept negative energies and spells away. By many, rue is known as the 'gift of the gods'. Likewise, it was also widely used to combat the evil eye. Nowadays it is used in multitude of white magic rituals.

What is the rue candle used for?

The candle made with rue has truly surprising magical, esoteric and mystical properties, which is why it has been used by numerous civilizations since ancient times. Among the many uses that rue has, the following are worth highlighting:

  • Acts as an amulet of protection against everything bad
  • Fight envy, jealousy, evil eyes and negative energies
  • Its curative and healing effects allow us to prevent diseases
  • It will help reduce the number of times you fall sick
  • It is capable of attracting positive energies and eliminating negative energies.
  • Attracts good luck in love, health and work
  • It is very useful for having premonitory dreams.
  • It will end the ailments or disorders that prevent you from being happy
  • Free busy spaces from all the stress and bad vibes
  • It will attract prosperity and abundance to your life.
  • It is very useful for weak people or people with low defenses.
  • Protects human beings from different spells and spells
  • Acts as a shield against negative emotions and bad vibes
  • It will be very useful to progress and evolve in different situations.

How to use the rue candle and when to use it?

It is widely used in those moments when you feel it is necessary. make an energetic change , whether internal or in your environments. There are a series of vitally important aspects to take into account when using a candle made with rue, aspects that should not be neglected:

  • It is convenient that turns on when the moon is waning
  • If the candle goes out before burning out, it means that there is a lot of negativity.
  • Can be used to clean homes, businesses, as well as people
  • Its manipulation must always accompany yourself with positive thoughts
  • To keep the home or business in constant positivity, this candle should be used periodically so that its effects do not disappear.
  • It is recommended place at the entrance of the home or business , as this will help expel bad energies

How to light a Rue candle?

In order to light a rue candle it is necessary Use a wooden match , avoiding the use of lighters or lighters. While the candle remains lit, it is advisable to go through the different spaces of your home to eliminate harmful energies and purify your environments.

To do this you must hold the candle with your hands (avoiding burning yourself). Close your eyes and think exactly what benefits you want to get from this candle. By following these steps you will be able to effectively activate the esoteric powers that said candle possesses. It is key that you maintain the mind full of positive thoughts at all times.

Rue candle prayer

Blessed Rue,
Attract joy and happiness to my life,
Flood my soul and my body,
Powerful Miraculous Rue,
Change all my evils for joys,
Attracts love, health and money,
So that you don't continue to suffer anymore,
Shower me with luck and prosperity,
Take all the suffering away from me,
Let me enjoy your thanks,

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