¿Cómo purificar tu casa?

How to purify your house?

As time goes by, it is common for your home to end up being filled with bad energy and vibrations. When negative energies stagnate or accumulate in a home, it is logical that great discomfort will be felt. If you feel an uncomfortable, strange sensation when entering your home, it may be time to clean your house. But, how to purify your house?

How to clean your house of bad energy?

Clean your house of bad energy It is much simpler than you imagine. To prevent your environments from becoming heavy or unpleasant for you and your loved ones, it is necessary to know some secrets that will be of great help to effectively purify your home.

You should keep in mind that dirty, messy spaces or spaces where there are constant arguments or misunderstandings can contribute to attracting negativity to your home. If you do not want bad energies and vibrations to interfere with your daily life, it will be key to perform a deep energy cleansing. You have multiple tools to achieve it.

Purify your house with incense

Purifying your house with incense is of great help to be able to effectively get rid of all the negativity that floods your spaces. Incense is capable of providing numerous benefits to your home. Thanks to its great aromatic diversity, incense is presented as a fabulous spiritual instrument that will help you put an end to negative energies.

More and more people are using incense to eliminate bad vibes from their home. The aromatic properties that incense possesses have made this product really popular to achieve the perfect harmonization of your environments . Those incense aromas most used to combat negativity and bad energies are the aromas of myrrh, lemon, mint, palo santo, rue or sandalwood, among other possibilities. There are some esoteric incenses specially created to purify your home, such as cleaning incense.

Purify your house with plants

Not only does incense present itself as a perfect ally to purify your environments, since purifying your home with plants has also become an alternative that an increasing number of people are turning to. While it is true that not all plants are ideal for cleaning your spaces, there are certain plants that are really powerful to combat negativity.

Plants not only eliminate bad vibes, but they are also capable of purify the air in your environments . Some of these plants even allow us to eliminate highly dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde or toluene. Below you will find the best plants to effectively clean your spaces.


Laurel is an aromatic and medicinal plant that has been used since ancient times to cleanse homes of accumulated bad energy. It has magnificent spiritual properties. Not only is it responsible for eliminating negativity, but it also is capable of providing high protection to those who live under that same roof.

Lignum vitae

Palo Santo is an ideal plant to expel negative energies and attract positive energies . Use a sage and palo santo incense It will chase away excess negativity, balancing the energies found inside your home. It is capable of releasing purifying properties, which is why it has been used since ancient times by countless civilizations. It will create a harmonious environment full of happiness.


This plant, typical of warm climates, has a truly characteristic aroma. The rosemary herb It is widely used to carry out all kinds of energy cleansing thanks to its powerful rehabilitative effect. It not only fights bad energies and vibrations, but also confronts evil spirits . As if that were not enough, it is a formidable repellent for mosquitoes and flies that appear in the hot months of the year.

How to purify your house with eucalyptus

The eucalyptus is capable of absorb bad energies and open paths. It helps to achieve a greater state of relaxation and invites you to fall asleep satisfactorily. It will free the spaces from the heavy energies that hinder your daily activities and prevent you from moving forward. Improves the energies of spaces, healing body and spirit.

Ritual to cleanse your house of bad vibes

Although you may think that performing an energy cleanse is enough to keep your spaces clean, the reality is very different. It is essential to do a ritual to cleanse your house of bad vibes periodically.

That is to say, It is not enough to do it just once . The spaces, as time passes, will become negatively charged again. There are many rituals widespread throughout the planet that will help you effectively clean your spaces:

  • Placing some pretty red roses in a vase in your home will help protect you from bad energies and improve your mood.
  • Burning cinnamon or cinnamon-scented incense will ward off bad energies Likewise, it will attract prosperity and good fortune to your life.
  • Quartzs have formidable properties to balance the energetic state of any person or place.
  • Sugar is very useful to add a touch of sweetness and harmony to your spaces. Hence it is recommended to always carry a bag of sugar with you.
  • Garlic is considered by many cultures to be a great protector against negative thoughts, the evil eye and negativity. It will be enough to carry a clove of garlic in your pocket
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