Amarre de Amor con Pulseras

Mooring of Love with Bracelets

The love spell with bracelets is one of the most effective and powerful. In addition to lasting over time since the energy of both people remains trapped in the bracelet.

So if your decision is decisive and you want a bond that lasts a lifetime, love spells with bracelets are ideal for staying with the person you love.

How to make a love spell with bracelets

Objects since ancient times have represented a symbology, a rooted force or a pact. In this way, it is more common than you imagine to unite your energy with that of your loved one through the means of an element or object, which in this case is a bracelet.

Before starting to do this spell, it is important that you take into account certain premises so that you are 100% sure about taking this step.

Features to take into account when making a tie with bracelets

 This is one of the most enduring relationships, so it's time for you to ask yourself: Do I want to keep this person by my side for a long time?

– You must be very careful with the visibility of the bracelet, since if this person finds out that they are participating in an involuntary tie, they may not like it.

– To perform this spell you must be calm enough. If you find yourself anxious or desperate, it will be time to do it another day. Another option is to contact Palacio de Incense and carry out an energy restructuring.

– Keep faith in what you are doing and above all things think that it will give you the results you expect.

If you feel that you need help to carry out an effective and professional ritual, contact the Incense Palace number to make an effective mooring.

Love tie with bracelets and 7 knots

 This type of bracelet tying consists of making 7 knots around the chain or bracelet that you choose for this process and we are going to explain everything you need to do it below.

Buy or obtain the following items:

Now start making your first love spell with bracelets step by step:

  • The most important thing in this ritual is the moon, so check the calendar and detail which day from Monday to Friday you can do this spell. In addition to this, choose a space in your house where you feel confident and calm.
  • Light the two candles, the white one and the red one.
  • Join both photos facing the face and make a cylindrical figure
  • With the red ribbon you are going to proceed to start the 7 knots. The first indicates the initiation of the ritual so begin to visualize and repeat everything you want to happen with the loved one.
  • When tying the second knot he speaks of reality. How things are currently with this person. So you can tie the second knot by saying the following: “The truth is that I love (add name) and I want him to stay by my side.”
  • The third knot indicates the union and respect between both parties. Remember that when you tie someone to you you must also remain faithful to them.
  • The fourth knot represents eliminating negative energies or situations that may be stopping love from flourishing between you.
  • The fifth knot is one of the most important because it represents your thoughts and feelings towards the person you love. So visualize him thinking about you, feeling things for you.
  • The sixth knot means the tie towards the present and future with this person. So you can start as follows: “With this sixth knot I propose that the future between (name of the person) and me be (define situations that you want to happen).
  • The seventh and last knot is the pact of the continuous growth of that love. Don't forget to take responsibility day by day for this love to grow.

When the candles have gone out, be sure to bury this mooring in the garden of your house. If you have a little red ribbon left over, tie it to your hand to strengthen the spell cast day by day with your energy.

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