Ritual de amarre de amor con Foto

Love mooring ritual with Photo

The love spell with photo or love spell with photo is also called love spell to generate dominance. Although it seems as if we were talking about a black magic ritual, in this case it is not yet.

The objective of photography is to have a more direct impact on the person to whom we are applying said mooring ritual.

What is a photo mooring?

A white magic photo spell is used to capture the direct energy of the person you want to keep close. It is necessary to mention the differences that exist between making a mooring with a photo and making a voodoo mooring with a photo.

In the second option, it is very possible that you will generate some type of damage or adverse reactions in the person to whom you are performing this ritual. So be very careful not to know these two differences, in the second everything can turn out as you least expect.

In addition to a photograph of this person, you will need some other ingredients that we will mention throughout this article.

How to make a mooring with photo

Before proceeding to the explanation of this ritual, it is important that you have on hand or purchase the following items:

  • The photograph of the person to whom you wish to tie the knot and a photograph of yourself.
  • A glass of holy water
  • Incense
  • 2 small red candles
  • A piece of red cloth
  • Red thread
  • Jasmine or rose petals
  • 2 fennel seeds

Steps to make the love spell with photo

Before giving the guidelines to start the ritual, it is best to do it at night since it has a much more powerful effect than doing it during the day. Now that we have mentioned what you need, we start:

  1. Take possession of the place where you have decided to lock yourself up and tell those close to you not to disturb you when you start the ritual. Starting off, light the two red candles and the incense.
  2. Get in touch with the energy of God. You can start with a prayer of the Lord's Prayer and then perform your prayer to warm up and receive all the positive energy you need so that your spell comes out as strong as possible.
  3. Now, take the two photographs and glue them face to face and tie them with the red thread. As you make this connection, repeat the reasons why you want this person to stay with you.
  4. Repeat the spell: “Quia haec potentia animae duae coniungere igni.” While little by little you put the tied photos in the red cover (piece of red fabric, make like an envelope)
  5. After this, add the jasmine petals and fennel so that you can create a kind of envelope with the red fabric and seal the tie.
  6. Sprinkle a few drops of holy water on the
  7. Keep this little envelope of love in a place where no one but you can touch or look at it.

With these steps you can make a homemade photo tie. If you have any doubts or are not sure if you can do it yourself, the best thing you can do is contact us and we will make you the best love tie with photo.

Does a love spell with a photo really work?

The marriage with photos is one of the most effective love marriages that can be done to keep you and your partner together for many more years. The maximum time in which you can observe the change in mood between you and your partner is about 4 days quickly and about two weeks slowly.

If your spell has taken effect, the first thing you should do is find the red envelope and burn it. By burning him there will be no consummated trace that this event has taken place, be sure to give thanks to the moment of burning and that your union lasts forever “so be it, so be it.”

But... How do you know that this mooring with photo is working? The body does not lie and you will begin to experience a shift in energy. Especially between you and your partner, it is time to take action and execute plans that can unite you and your partner even more.

Remember that the mooring is only a symbol of balance of energy and union, it is up to you to do the rest of the work so that this mooring can have the desired success.

Another tip we can give you is to avoid putting your constant attention on the mooring taking effect quickly . Since in this way you may be contributing to a gap in your energy, either in blockage or in negative energy.

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